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postI have been thinking about and praying about starting a blog, my desire in doing so is to edify the saints through bible study. (Ephesians 4:12)

A little back ground about me, I am a Hoosier boy from a small town in Indiana. I am the baby boy of seven children, our mother had to raised us because my father was ill and hospitalized until he passed. Being half way into my sixties, I often use this stament; “Take it from an old man that has seen stuff. ” I will admit that I am not a highly educated man, which will be obvious as you observe my spelling and writing grammer. I am blessed to say I am a blood washed, born again, child of the only living God. As a sixteen year old young man I accepted JESUS CHRIST as my LORD and saviour. I have had some biblical studies in which I am thankful, but most of my learning has been through the preaching and teaching of godly men in my past and those men whom God has allowed me to sit under. With that said my prayer each and every time I open the word of God, is that the Holy Spirit gives me understanding and wisdom.

If you choose to follow this blog, I will endeavor to follow the leading of God. Should you ever have a question please contact me so I may be a help in your walk with Christ.

My hope is to start with the sermon on the mount, Matthew chapter 5-7, may God be glorified in all that is done.

“From an old man that has seen stuff.”

Sermon on the mount bible study lesson 4 Matthew 5:6&7

Sermon on the Mount bible study Matthew 5: 6-7;

As we continue our study, we have learned that Jesus was telling those that were following him, that they needed a life style of holiness, sacred and blissful walk here on earth. Which would be evident by being “poor in spirit “; humble, one that will “mourn” for their sins and the sins of others. To be “meek”, patient, mild, letting God provide for their needs. That is true for us that are followers of Christ.

Now we look at versus 6: “Blessed are they which (do) hunger and thirst after righteousness;” (righteousness; acting in a just, upright manner). Just as our bodies get hungry and thirsty and can only be satisfied with food and water. If we get hungry and thirsty, we would (do) everything we could to find something to eat and drink, so it is true for our Christian walk. “for they shall be filled.” Filled, (all that is needed to be satisfied). Is it no wonder that the world is never satisfied, always wanting more. More entertainment, money, a bigger house, nicer car, better job. Always searching but never satisfied. The more we as followers of Christ desire to walk in righteousness, the more we will be content. So often we fill our minds with the things of the world; TV, worldly music, movies; we allow ungodly friends, even family to fill our minds which gives us no satisfaction. The verse says “they which (do), indicating a willful choice.

May I remind us, that there is a storm coming or we may be in one now. How can we stand if our feet are not firmly standing on the Rock (Matthew 7:24). Let us do, with strong intent, and fill ourselves with righteousness.

Verse 7; ” Blessed are the merciful: (full of mercy, to forgive, to be kind) for they shall obtain mercy.” In the gospel of Luke, Luke’s account of the sermon on the mount, 6:36 reads; “Be ye therfore merciful as your Father also is merciful,” Jesus knew that those that followed him would be wronged because they chose to follow him, as he knows that we will be wronged because of our commitment to Christ. He is telling us that we all need mercy. In Matthew 6, which we will be studying at a later date, is the model prayer. In that prayer versus 14&15 “For if we forgive men their transgressions, your heavenly Father will forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their transgressions, neither will your Father forgive your transgressions.”

I just want to take this time and say how humbling it is to know that a righteous God has had mercy on me, and thank the Lord for his saving grace, for without it I would still be a lost sinner bound for hell.

Matthew 5: 3-5 Followers of Christ will have storms in there life continued. — mrdj620

A quick note, I will reference definitions to Webster New World Dictionary, I will indicate with the acronym **WNWD. As we continue with our study of Matthew 5, the Beatitudes, we will see that Jesus was telling those that were following what was nessasry to live a blessed life style. Let us allow the Holy […]

via Matthew 5: 3-5 Followers of Christ will have storms in there life continued. — mrdj620

Matthew 5: 3-5 Followers of Christ will have storms in there life continued.

20170811_170527A quick note, I will reference definitions to Webster New World Dictionary, I will indicate with the acronym **WNWD.

As we continue with our study of Matthew 5, the Beatitudes, we will see that Jesus was telling those that were following what was nessasry to live a blessed life style. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to instill these truths into our walk in Christ.

As for me I see that this life style is both bitter and sweet. It call for a sacrificial life here on earth, and sweet are the promises “for great is your reward in heaven.”

versus 3 “poor in spirit” humility; (**WNWD) poor– having little or no means of support, needy.

**WNWD-spirit (of man)- the thinking, feeling, mind intelligence.

Humility should be our life style. Romans 12: 3 “For I say through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man measure of faith.”

There are many examples throughout the word of God, of humble servants, I would point out one. Paul, I Timothy 1:15 “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief.”

A very important side note, unless you humble yourself and confess that you are a sinner, believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again and asked Jesus into your heart, you can never be saved and go to heaven.

It is the life style of a humble child of God, that gives us access to heaven, through salvation. Yes either by death or by rapture. We have the promise of heaven. Even now, today we can come to the throne room of heaven through prayer.

In versus 4 Jesus says ” they that mourn” ” shall be comforted”

**WNWDmorun– “to feel or express sorrow, lament, to grieve”

**WNWDcomforted– “to soothe in distress to help; and support”

A life style of mourning is of our sins and the sins of others. God through the Holy Spirit will comfort us and others. Luke 15:7 “I said unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that come to repentance, “

Jesus continues in versus 5 and says “the meek” ” shall inherit the earth”

**WNWDmeek– “patient, mild, not incline to anger or resentment,”

“inherit the earth” To be honest, I am not sure how this plays out, I do know that God, our heavenly Father, created and owns the earth. All that we need physically comes from the earth. Could it be if our life style is, patient, mild, not incline to anger or resentment, (MEEK). God will supply all that we need as a Child of God.

Let us take some time now and look honestly at our selves. Does our life style reflect a humble, mournful and meek child of God?

Followers of Christ will have storms in there life.

Let us prepare to study and learn what God, the Holy Spirit has for us as we study; Matthew chapter 5 thru 7, commonly called the “Sermon on the Mount”. It would be wise to understand that Jesus was just starting his earthly ministry.
In chapter 3 Jesus came to John the Baptist to be baptized. (versus 13- 17) In the gospel of Mark 1:10 we see that the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, came from heaven and desended on Jesus and God spoke and proclaimed that Jesus was his “beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”. Then in Matthew 4 the Holy Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness. Satan “the tempter” tempted Jesus. JESUS rebuked Satan using the word of God. It was then Jesus started his earthly ministry, chapter 4:17. He started recruiting his disciples. He went around Galilee teaching, preaching and healing. The people in great multitudes started followed him. (I want to point out that they were Jewish people, looking for the Messiah.)

That brings us to chapter 5. Here we have the first recorded message of Jesus. Should we not take some time to study what he felt necessary to say, as his first recorded message to the Jewish people and us?

As I read versus 1&2, my minds eye sees Jesus looking at the multitude following him. Jesus being the Son of God was omniscient, all knowing, past, present and future, knew that those that followed him would soon be persecuted. He wanted to teach them principles that they would need to survive the storm that was coming.

Now let us study and apply these principles in our Christian life so that we have a firm foundation (rock) to stand on in the storms of our life.

Beatitudes; those that followed Jesus must have the right attitude. Before we can be ready for the storm coming (or already in) we first must have the right spiritual attitude.

Blessed; (Webster New World Dictionary) 1. holy; sacred. blissful; fortunate

Being Blessed is more than being happy, it is a life style of living holy (I Peter 1: 15,16), set apart, sacred (Romans 12: 1-2)

Next time we will look at what is the life style necessary to survive the storm.

Take it from an old man that has seen stuff.